Bart Vander Sanden

Freelance app and web developer in Leuven, Belgium

Web Development

I put a large emphasis on creating sites that are fast, beautiful and accessible, while at the same time making sure that these projects are resilient and work on a variety of devices, network speeds and locations.

I work both as part of a team (like for an agency) and as a solo developer (and designer, if needed) for smaller clients.

Front End Development

I create robust and fast websites with modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript. When working on a web app I complement these skills with frameworks like React JS.

Integration in Content Management Systems

Need to have your website integrated in a CMS like Wordpress or Craft CMS? I'll help you find the right solution for your needs, and implement it too, of course.

Static Websites

Don't need a CMS, or do you want to create a single page to promote your product? A static website might be the best choice in this case. I create static websites with frameworks like Jekyll and Eleventy to get the most out of a website without a database.

App Development

Need something more than a website? I also create cross platform apps for iOS, iPadOS and Android with React Native and Expo.

Tools and Automation

Tired of having to create hundreds (or thousands) of PDFs or images manually? I can write tools to automate your creation process, both as an online tool or as a local tool on your intranet.

Consulting Work

Want me to work on your team for a longer project? I'm available for consulting work too!

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